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Red swollen shin

I hit the front of my shin few weeks back with a metal chair, I swear I saw stars I hurt so bad. I still ca...

Possible/primary diagnosis to what am i suffering

my shoulders up to my hands and fingers are severely in pain but not all of the time it is by rhythm. Every...

Is it hayfever?

I have a blocked and runny nose with a facial pain/pressure on the left side in the upper cheek, eye and fo...


I noticed over the last 2-3 weeks that while walking (like thru a mall) my hands will begin tingling and it...

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Blood in spit only when urinating

My husband spits up blood only when he urinates. We visited his physican no issues found in cray or blood....

Pain Around Belly Button due to heavy weight lifting

Hello Dr. , I am feeling pain around my belly button because i try to lift 35 litter...

A lot of symptoms here and there that have been bothering me recently.

in the past year, i get pleghm in my throat, have to spit it out, had bronchitis last winter. over the past...