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Can i take glutamine and arginine while on omprezole?


One side of my back is higher than the other. I have mild scoliosis. What can I do to even that out?

Disproportionate fat in male

I am 24 years male having a disproportionate fat deposits mostly on my lower body mainly in thighs buttocks...

I have tenderness in spots down the inside of my leg and spots around the ankle. What could be the problem?

Each spot feels like a bad bruise but there's no discoloration and this pain came out of nowhere the other ...

What's wrong with me?

This has been going on for months. I feel nauseous and full all the time even when I don't eat. I get dizzy...

heart problems, anorexia

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why is my toe like this

my toe is red, swollen and hard to touch. also if anything touches it well it hurts, why?

Pain after Masturbation

Last night during masturbation I suddenly experienced tight stomach cramps like I had gas. When I tried to ...

post surgery effects

I was in the hospital for two and a half days(9/27-9/29) for a large breast absess. I was put to sleep unde...