General Health

What does it mean when a thyroid test comes back positive and then negative the second test?
I am very tired all the time. Is it possible to have a false positive? Any ideas what this could be?
I have recently moved from Va to Fla & my feet & ankles are swelling nearly every day. Why the daily swelling?
I am diabetic but no medications have been changed.
What should I do about a "bursting" feeling in my testicles? I felt randomly late last night and not sure what to do.
Felt like something small (cyst?) popped and had a warmly tingly sensation spread throughout the area. No p...
I am mildly diabetic. Doctor has given me generic drug with Voglibose (0.3mg) once a day. Every 7-10 days or so I have severe indigestion and loose stools and gets better after a day of stopping it. And happens again in a few days.
Is it a normal side-effect? Is there a different drug that makes more sense?
What can't I breathe out of my nose very well?
this has been going on for about two months now and it feels like I have trouble getting a lot of air throu...
Why do my eyes seem strained and hurt?
I have had to wear glasses more which helps for a little while but my eyes still hurt and I have to work ha...
Whats the small air bubble on my foot (top inside)?
I noticed it about a year ago but doesn't look nice.
Is it normal to have a lymph node larger than the other side all the time?
I dont have a cold or the flu but my right lymph node always seems tender and raised
What can i do about cognitive fog?
I have fibromyalgia. Could this be why i'm having sleep disruption also?
What is the best medication for anxiety that doesnt cause tiredness?
I have tried many medications and have gone off all of them because being tired all the time made working m...
What are the complications to having a venous access port put in?
I have terrible veins and regular IV infusions so a nurse suggested this
What can i do to stop the headaches from taking Metforman?
I have Diabetes
What should I expect from Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
for Radiation Cystitis I have done radiation and it caused so many problems with other organs
My nails always split. Could i be deficient in a vitamin?
I have tried biotin and sometimes my nails will fell harder than at other times. I only use my hands for ty...
How can I stop balding/reverse it? Does biotin work? is there something else more effective?
Early baldness runs in my family