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advice on life long back problems

I have a history of back problems dating back to when I was maybe 12. My first problem was being stuck at a...

pain in back to stomach

My husband is having severe pain on the left side that goes from the back to the front.

IBC versus Mastitis

I am 26 years old-my and my last baby was over 3 years ago and I only breastfed him for about 2 months. I s...

Joint Pain

Joint pain in front of both ankles, right hip, intense radiating pain in left lower back, what could be wrong?

Head injury

I hit the back of my head four days ago from roller skating. I got dazed and my vision was blurry for a few...

back and side

If your back and side hurt at the same time what could be wrong?

Evaluating heart strength to withstand surgery

86 year old man with large inguinal hernia slipped into scrotum. Family is concerned for heart to withstand...

Diotomatious Earth?

Is Diotomatious earth considered safe (for oral use) to get rid of tapeworms? I have read it is basically s...

Pericarditis and cough?

Dx with pericarditis almost two years ago. As an SLE patient I struggle with it off and on but over the pas...

ear blood

I thought my ear was full of wax. The Q tip came out with blood on it. There is no pain. Do I need to see a...

Servere Pain

I broke my wrist on March4th (RT ORIF RADIUS FX). I had surgery on March 19th. They put a plate and screws ...

what is colitus and what are the symtoms?

what is colitus and what are the symtoms?

What is this bup on my lip

What could this be on my lip that is not herpes?


Cranky fever of 101, coughing and nausea. I'm not eating and urinating frequently. I'm a 32 year old woman.

Curved 5-year old feet supination?

My child had always had issues wearing shoes. Impossible to fit. I was in kids footlocker and he pointed ou...