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436 North Bedford Drive
Suite 105
(N. Bedford Dr & Santa Monica Blvd)
Beverly Hills CA 90210

Phone: (310) 388-8192

Practicing since 1996

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  • "Dr. Haworth fixed what other doctors couldn't fix on my face. I was either refused surgery or told there was nothing that could be done. Dr Haworth reshaped my lips completely and gave me an upper lip which I never had before. As well as lifted the corners of my mouth. I never thought any doctor would be able to do this so I felt like I've found the one doctor to stick to. After my lip surgery, he also did a revision rhinoplasty, chin implant, brow lift, jaw reduction, facial liposuction, and several injectable fillers on my face. All of which look fabulous. I believe I was a rather difficult case and most patients would not need as much work as I did, and I'm pretty impressed that Dr Haworth was able to make my face look pretty much perfect."

  • "There was significant fat loss underneath my eyes after my pregnancy and I was told often that I looked much older than I actually am (I'm in my latter twenties). I used to be ashamed to conspire with my day entirely based on how sickly I looked. Dr Haworth used radiesse to smoothen out the hallows and build up my cheeckbones. Apparently its a not as common procedure for that particular area, but he insisted it was the best way to achieve natural and alert looking under eyes in my case. My eyes look beautiful and awake now post -op, I am incredibly pleased with the results! I place a deep amount of trust in this doctor and his creative entitlement, definitely challenges other local practitioners gall and airs and the same extends to his entire office."

  • "My experience was excellent. I was pleasantly relived to be able to discuss my physical concerns, a delicate subject to me, with ease. I greatly attribute this to Dr. Haworth’s professionalism. Dr. Haworth is in tune to understanding ones aesthetic goals. I appreciate him for being a gifted artist and surgeon. I love the results. Thank you Dr. Haworth for making me feel like a walking work of art."

Education & Credentials

USC - University of Southern California
UCLA - University of California, Los Angeles
AMA - American Medical Association
ASPS - American Society of Plastic Surgeons
ACS - American College of Surgeons
NYP - New York-Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
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    Dr. Randal Haworth is a very accomplished plastic surgeon, practicing cosmetic surgery on many famous patients. He received his undergraduate degree in the fields of chemistry and biology. He attended USC School of Medicine to finish up his medical degree in 1988 where he graduated with highest...
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  • Featured on "The Swan"


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  • The Haworth Institute

    In 2000, Dr. Haworth opened his elegant new offices in the most prestigious medical building in Beverly Hills.


    "The space was designed to provide outstanding and refined service, operating with the greatest ease and efficiency.  Since privacy is a priority for many, our suite also includes...
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